Michaux ORW Post Race Report

See the full story from Jess and Joel Nankman: http://nankmancycling.blogspot.com/2015/03/single-track-sunday-michaux-off-road.html

Thanks so much for making the trip out despite the last blast of winter (lets hope its the last). What a shocking way to shake out the cobwebs. Both days it turned out pretty darn nice considering….although Saturday was much warmer than Sunday, if not way muddier too. You guys and gals are the best though, and I couldn’t be happier than to have you all out to race.

Good work to all our winners this weekend: Tatjana, Daniel, Jocelyn, Leland, Rhett, Brandon, Paul, Harry, and especially to Mike Montalbano for working his way up to the front on a Single Speed and taking the overall win on Sunday. Hell of a good race everyone!

Here’s the SuperD results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8lfGqRyCgJAT29WUEs5UFVGV2s/view

Here’s the XC Marathon Results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8lfGqRyCgJARk10SndFVndRbEk/view

My photos are here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153772819585616.1073741840.137726245615&type=3&uploaded=98

If you have your own photos from the weekend, tag them with #MichauxORW so that we can all search and view them on facebook and instagram. I only got a few pictures and they aren’t all that great, but the cold was really hard on batteries this weekend.

I hope to see you all back for round number three of the MASS series over in Tuscarora. I’ve got another killer weekend on tap. HARD. RAW. CLASSIC PENNSYLVANIA. Come camp for the weekend, get in on the 5 stage, all day, super fun enduro and cap it off with a big loop of the forest in a 50k endurance race. Info on that at: www.tuscaroraoffroadweekend.com

If you like this style of racing/riding, that’s kind of my chosen flavor. I’ve got some other races you might like too. Check out the full line up of what I’ve got going on at www.appalachiandirt.com

Until next time, ride hard and have some fun.

DirtSeeker: Greenville, SC

I’ve been going down to the Greenville area for the last 5 or so years now. Sometimes it’s to race, but usually it’s just to ride. Geographically it is lower rolling hills spread out below the “Southern Escarpment” where the lowlands meet the mountains and yield some pretty bad-ass mountains. Pisgah Nat’ll Forest and Mount Mitchell to the north, Dupont and Caesars Head to the west, Issequehnna to the south, and Paris Mountain smack dab in the middle. Mentally, after a long hard winter, I am dying to ride some dirt……total cabin fever. So I head south.

The mountain biking is what I’m truly going down for. It’s not the proverbial mecca like Sedona or Moab, but this spot down in Travelers Rest is a wonderful base camp with options and flexibility. SORBA does a ton of work on the trails down there, and it shows. Every year, there is more and more trail. Paris Mountain State Park is good for a solid ride with some repetition. Pleasant Ridge County Park near Marietta is a blast and is good for a morning or afternoon fast ride with berms and whoops slapping a grin on your face. I’ve spent the least time at Issequehnna down near Clemson, but that network seemed good for a longer ride as well.

Here’s a good one: Just about all the bike friendly trails in Paris MNT. Optimized for the longest downhill runs.  This route is a bit of a butt kicker, and can either be paired up with another ride, doubled up, or add in shuttle runs at the end on White Sulpher Trail.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 10.35.18 AM


The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a paved rail trail/commuter trail that pairs up well with other rides. It’s a staple for being down there.


Click to access 039-05-02-01-Swamp-Rabbit-Brochure-2013.pdf

The road riding is a must for down there as well. When trails are muddy, it’s best to just hit the pave. There are climbs galore, and Caesars Head is a must. My favorite route down there includes the Caesars Head climb, rolling backroads around Dupont, and sections of Dirt Road as well.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 10.46.36 AM


Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t epic routes or anything. They are solid rides that give you the flexibility to ride in a normally warmer climate with some dirt under your tires. I pretty much always double up on morning  and afternoon rides, a road climb in the AM and some dirt turns in the afternoon. Staying at the Paris MNT State Park Campground is great because it sets me up for just that: a relaxed ride up and over Paris MNT (twice to get back too) to get some coffee or crepes in the morning, lunch back at camp, and a full afternoon on the trails. Or for that matter, riding the road climbs in the park twice, then driving to other mtb trails nearby.

Just a little insight from my travels. Hope you enjoy.



Michaux ORW Nears

We are about a month out from the Michaux Off Road Weekend, and I’ve gotta say that the rush is looming overhead already. I know that the next four weeks will blow by in the blink of an eye. I try keep things fresh by switching up some details every year of these races, but this year I was somewhat forced into more change than expected. My first change for the line-up this year was swapping the date with my Tuscarora Off Road Weekend. The most exciting, and unexpected change for this years Michaux Off Road Weekend is a new Super D Course.


The course change came about due to a logging operation that is currently taking place on Canada Hollow (last years course). Reports started coming in from several locations that due to the logging, the single track we used the last two years just disappears halfway down the trail into the calamity that is a logging operation. We will hopefully be working with Forestry on restoring the Canada Hollow single track later this year as an official trail, but for now we are moving the race course to one of my other favorite runs.

2015 MORW Super D Profile

The new course is comprised of Three Pines, Gilbert, and Scientology with the gathering/parking spot halfway up Milesburn Road at the Gilbert Intersection. If SuperD has historically been defined as 20% uphill and 80% downhill, then we are just about spot on with a 3.2 mile run , just shy of 1000′, that has a 14% climb to 86% descend ratio. I really enjoy this run, because it is one of the few options existing that makes use of just about all the elevation from the top of the ridge down to the Cumberland Valley. The top section on Three Pines is swooping and filled with moto flavor, dropping some initial elevation. The section on Gilbert traverses the ridge a bit, continuing to drop some slight elevation with two tight shoots between scrubby pines where the double track has narrowed to a thin ribbon. It flattens out before a short but punchy and loose climb on Scientology. Scientology crescendo’s down the mountain on a narrow ridge line like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin, gaining momentum to a blinding of fury as you shred down the trail……smiles high and arms pumped at the finish line on Milesburn Road.  I can guarantee you that I will make sure I get to race this one.

2015 MORW Event Map

The weekend layout is as it has been the last two years: Friday Course Practice and Camping, Saturday Super D and Camping, and an XC Marathon on Sunday. If you are not familiar with XC Marathon, it is a 4 hour race on a shorter loop, where the fastest time with the most laps wins. When the course is closed at four hours, the people who are out on laps get to count those as their last lap….so technically, it could be a 4.5 hour race for the win. Race Headquarters with camping, bathrooms, and the XC Marathon Race start is based out of the Big Flat Parking Lot. You can also ride to the top of the Super D course from there pretty easily. The XC Marathon course is a mostly a mix of double tracks and two sections of single track characterized by very steep, rocky descending.

Michaux ORW Promo

The other change that comes this year is from the Mid Atlantic Super Series. We decided to put together an Enduro series this year. “All Mountain Series” better describes it, but it seems like I got out-voted on the name. It is made up of approximately 7 races (there are still a few small details to work out). It’s something like this: Michaux Off Road Weekend Super D, Rattling Creek Enduro, Tuscarora Off Road Weekend Enduro, Bear Creek Enduro, Steel City Enduro, and 2 Days of Enduro at Rothrock. Exciting stuff. I’ll be trying to do the series if I can swing it. You should too, enduro may be a fad but it’s incredibly fun.