Thayer Trace Trail: Swanton, MD
Rock and Roll Trail: Berkeley Springs, WV
Chauncey Depot Trail: Athens, OH
Private Bike Park: Berkeley Springs, WV
Barn Burner Trail: Lost Creek, WV
Private Trail: Duckwall, WV
Park Loop: Westover, WV
Pumphouse Trail: Volcano, WV
Blackwater View Trail: Canaan Valley, WV
Private Trail System: Franklin, WV
*Coal Knob Trail: Warren, PA
*Tuttletown Trail: Warren, PA
Davis Shelter Boardwalk: Davis, WV

Middle Fork Trail: Berkeley Springs, WV

Tipple Top Trail: Athens, OH
Gob Pile Trail: Athens, OH
Hacksaw Trail: Athens, OH
Private Trail System: Gilman, WV
Old Farm Trail: Cairo, WV
Private Trail: Job, WV
*Rohtkogle and Olleweite Lines: Solden, Austria
Dales Trail: Thomas, WV
Private Pump Track: Davis, WV
Private Skills Area: Canaan Heights, WV
Private Trail: Canaan Heights, WV
Riverside Trail: Thomas, WV
Special K Trail: Harrisonburg, VA
Splashdam South Trail Connector: Davis, WV

Complete Project Listing

Contract TypeProject NameClientLocationSizeTimeframe
Design/BuildPrivate TrailTheresa OrnderWest Springfield, WV.25 miles2021
West Virginia UniversityWest Run Woods, Perimeter LoopWVU- OEDCMorgantown, WV1.2 miles2021
Design/BuildBroadford Lake Park Trail SystemGarrett County Coyotes/City of OaklandOakland, MD3.5 miles2021
Build/Closure/ReconstructionNarrowback Ridge Trail ProjectShenandoah Valley Bicycle CoalitionHarrisonburg, VA3.7 miles2021
ReconstructionCathedral Trail ProjectCathedral State ParkAurora, WV.1 mile
Design/Build/InstructionPrivate ProjectMike KuhnMarysville, PA.5 miles2021
Design/BuildPrivate ProjectWade AndrewsYork, PA.5 miles2021
Design/BuildMiddle Fork TrailCacapon State Park FoundationCacapon State Park, WV1.1 miles2021
Design/BuildCortland Acres Trail ProjectCortland AcresThomas, WV.25 miles2021
Build/Sub-ContractThayer Trace TrailIMBA Trail Solutions (MD DNR)Swanton, MD3 miles2019
Build Tipple Top TrailORCA/USFSAthens, OH4.7 miles2019/2020
Build Gob Pile TrailORCA/USFSAthens, OH.7 miles2019
Build Chauncey Depot TrailORCA/USFSAthens, OH.5 miles2019/2020
Build Hacksaw TrailORCA/USFSAthens, OH1.1 miles2020
Build Knights/Corps TourORCA/USFSAthens, OH1.5 miles2020
Design/Build Private Trail Job FarmJob, WV1 mile2019
Design/Build Private Trail Kurt LitzauCanaan Heights, WV.2 miles2019
Design White Park Trail Remediation ProjectCity of MorgantownMorgantown, WV2020
ConsultationTrail Connector Assessment Friends of the CheatKingwood, WV2020
ConsultationRide Center/Trail System ConsultationStonewall Resort FoundationRoanoke, WV2020
Design/Build Private Hiking Trail Diron Duckwall, WV.5 miles2020
Design/Build Private Bike ParkMike BerryDuckwall, WV1.5 miles2020
Design/ConsultationWhitemore Park Trail ReconstructionBOPARCMorgantown, WV2020
Design Broadford Park Trail System Conceptual Design and Phase 1 Site PlansGarrett Co. Interscholastic MTB TeamOakland, MD3.5 miles2020
Design/Build Barn Burner TrailWatters Smith Memorial State Park (WVDNR)Lost Creek, WV3.5 miles2020
Design/Build Rock and Roll TrailCacapon State Park FoundationCacapon State Park, WV2.2 miles2020
Design Mountwood ATV Adventures: System Assessment and RedesignWood County Parks and Recreation BoardWaverly, WV20 miles2021
Design/Build/HybridPark Loop TrailWestover City Park, Westover, WV1.8 miles2018
Design/Build Old Farm TrailNorth Bend State Park (WVDNR)Cairo, WV3.1 miles2018/2019
Design/Build/HybridDales TrailNew Historic ThomasThomas City Park, Thomas, WV1.5 miles2017/2018
Design/Build Private Skills ParkCanaan Heights, WV4000 sqft2018
Design Sand Run Lake Trail AssessmentTimberline Home Owners AssociationCanaan Valley, WV2018
Design TR-107 Trail AssessmentHeart of the Highlands Trail SystemDavis, WV2018
Design/Build/HybridPump House TrailMountwood County ParkWaverly, WV.9 miles2018
Design/Build Private Trail SystemJeff WhiteGilman, WV7 miles2017/2019
Design/Build/EducationOutdoor Education TrailTucker County High SchoolThomas, WV.5 miles2017
Design/Build Private Pump TrackJason CyrDavis, WV2500 sqft2016
Design/Build Blackwater View TrailHeart of the Highlands Trail SystemCanaan Valley, WV2.3 miles2015/2016
Design/Build Private Trail System: Treasure Mountain Ride Center Kent BaakeFranklin, WV1.2 miles2016
HybridSpecial K TrailShenandoah Valley Bicycle ClubHarrisonburg, VA1.5 miles2016
Design/Build Private Pump Track and Skills AreaSue HaywoodCanaan Heights, WV1500 sqft2016
Design/Build Pavilion ConnectorNew Historic ThomasThomas, WV.2 miles2016
Design Olson Tower Area Development PlanFriends of the BlackwaterThomas, WV2015
Design/Build Riverside TrailNew Historic ThomasThomas, WV.5 miles2015
Design/Build FR-107 Shelter BoardwalkHeart of the Highlands Trail SystemDavis, WV365ft2015
Design/Build Fire Trail 6 ReconstructionHeart of the Highlands Trail SystemDavis, WV1.1 miles2015
Design/Build Splashdam South ConnectorHeart of the Highlands Trail SystemDavis, WV.8 miles2014
*Sub-ContractDeep Creek Lake TrailsIMBA Trail SolutionsSwanton, MD~175 hours2018
*Sub-ContractRohtkogel and Ollweitte LinesAllegra TrailsSolden, Austria~360 hours2017
*Sub-ContractWeed Patch MountainHeadwaters EnvironmentalLake Lure, NC~50 hours2016
*Sub-ContractTuttletown Trail at Jakes RocksDirt ArtisansWarren, PA~200 hours2016
*Sub-ContractCoal Knob Trail at Jakes RocksDirt ArtisansWarren, PA~200 hours2016
*Sub-ContractGreenbrier State ForestDirtwaysLewisburg, WV~50 hours2014