Project Profile: Chauncey Depot Trail

Narrative: The Chauncey Depot Trail is the gateway to the Baileys Trail System near Athens, OH. This system’s main trailhead is located in the village of Chauncey, and the Chauncey Depot Trail is a mellow and winding loop that connects to the first two options for green, natural surface single track. Making use of a former strip mine, this trail winds through a meadow filled with grasses and shrubs. The gentle rollers and meandering alignment prepares trail users for the mountain bike optimized flavor to come later in the system, while the hardened gravel surface allows for all-weather use and a wider variety of user needs.

Trail Type: all-weather trail, front country trail, gravel trail, AppDirt Class 4 Trail

Length: .5 miles

Constructed: Winter 2019/2020