Project Profile: Middle Fork Trail

Narrative: Middle Fork Trail is an example of a modern machine built trail that features some new school flow and berms paired with old school, rugged, and rocky jenk. Showcasing the repetitive rock outcroppings that rise from this mature oak forest, this advanced singletrack cascades down through rock chutes and is meant to be primarily a descent.

Trail Type: Back Country Trail, AppDirt Class 2 Trail

Length: 1.1 miles

Constructed: Spring 2021

Project Profile: Old Farm Trail

Narrative: Old Farm Trail is a beginner/intermediate trail that circumnavigates the Cokeley Recreation Area of North Bend State Park near Harrisville, WV. Designed as a race course for the inaugural year of the West Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League, this loop has short-cut options, flowing mountain bike optimized style, and plenty of passing areas. It is also designed to control speed in a counter clockwise direction and to optimize fun in a clockwise direction.

Trail Type: front country trail, AppDirt Class 3 Trail

Length: 3.1 miles

Constructed: Fall 2018/Spring2019

Project Profile: Hacksaw Trail

Narrative: Hacksaw is a natural single track trail in the Baileys Trail System near Athens, Ohio. It offers up a tight and challenging single track experience with minimal climbing or descending. Hacksaw takes advantage of exposure, challenging roots, and balance oriented maneuvers to increase challenge over other near-by trails.

Trail Type: backcountry trail, AppDirt Class 2 Trail

Length: 1.1 miles

Constructed: Fall 2020

Project Profile: Rock and Roll Trail

Narrative: A mountain bikers trail experience at Cacapon State Park starts with Rock and Roll Trail, a beginner-intermediate route starting from the lowest trail head at the park. This trail features a flowing trail experience on mostly even terrain, with progressive opportunities to get introduced to the rocky terrain that exists in the rest of the park. A wide assortment of technical trail features offer plenty of engagement for more advanced riders. From Rock and Roll, connecting intermediate trails open up possibilities to navigate the rest of the trail system.

Trail Type: front country trail, AppDirt Class 3 Trail

Length: 2.2 miles

Constructed: Spring 2020

Project Profile: Tipple Top Trail

Narrative: Tipple Top Trail is intended to be a natural single track option that provides an adventurous route through the more bike optimized loop potential presented early in the Baileys Trail System. It mirrors the warble of the natural topography with a constantly meandering alignment and ample movement.

Trail Type: front country trail, AppDirt Class 3 Trail

Length: 4.6 miles

Constructed: Fall 2019/Summer 2020

Project Profile: Thayer Trace Trail

Narrative: Thayer Trace Trail was constructed for Deep Creek Lake State Park and the Maryland DNR as a part of IMBA Trail Solutions large scale construction effort from 2018-2019. Appalachian Dirt was sub-contracted to build the whole of Thayer Trace as a modern backcountry experience. A mix of CCC era inspired rock work with a modern and flowing MTB style characterizes this trail. This trail was intended to be an intermediate/advanced trail in an area where riders are well seasoned and used to technical rock riding, accesses from the state park as a part of larger more advanced loops.

Trail Type: backcountry trail, AppDirt Class 2 Trail

Length: 3 miles

Constructed: Summer 2019

Project Profile: Gob Pile Trail

Narrative: Gob Pile Trail is one of the first trails of the Baileys Trail System near Athens, Ohio and provides a short loop on a ridge line above the Chauncey Depot Trail with views of the trailhead in the Village of Chauncey.

Trail Type: front country trail, AppDirt Class 4 Trail

Length: .7 miles

Constructed: Fall 2019

Project Profile: Chauncey Depot Trail

Narrative: The Chauncey Depot Trail is the gateway to the Baileys Trail System near Athens, OH. This system’s main trailhead is located in the village of Chauncey, and the Chauncey Depot Trail is a mellow and winding loop that connects to the first two options for green, natural surface single track. Making use of a former strip mine, this trail winds through a meadow filled with grasses and shrubs. The gentle rollers and meandering alignment prepares trail users for the mountain bike optimized flavor to come later in the system, while the hardened gravel surface allows for all-weather use and a wider variety of user needs.

Trail Type: all-weather trail, front country trail, gravel trail, AppDirt Class 4 Trail

Length: .5 miles

Constructed: Winter 2019/2020

North Bend State Park: WV Interscholastic Cycling League Race Course

An emergency contract found us in an almost impossible situation: building over 2 miles of trail within a month, to be used just a few weeks after that for the WVICL’s final race venue. I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending, we got the course done just in time. I’m a small builder, and that is an immense amount of trail for my resources. So I called in reinforcements and had Community Trail Designs come in and help with a half mile of really fun, tighter single track that has been described by league staff as “Colorado Alpine in West Virginia”. So with a core group of hardy volunteers stepping in for corridor and finish work as needed, we fired up all of the Appalachian Dirt machine fleet and dug our heels in.

An extremely rainy September (with two hurricanes sending rain up our way) did its best to slow us down, but with a couple special build techniques and some luck in soil conditions we were able to build all but one day of the month. This race course gave us several distinctly different trail sections: one long wide flowing trail set in an old pasture area with thick growth of autumn olive, one tight piece of single track nestled in some pines perched along the steep hillsides of the lake, and some open trail in the grassy infield area. Add in some existing farm roads, and we have the makings of an accessible race course with great passing opportunities. Time will tell how much fun it is, as the WV high school and middle school racing league is preparing to race on it this coming weekend. Good luck racers!

Subcontracting: Deep Creek Lake State Park

I was very grateful for the opportunity to work on a project just a couple ridges away, completing two goals for this year: building some gnarly rocky single track and to subcontract with IMBA Trail Solutions. A project at near-by at Deep Creek Lake State Park provided that opportunity. With a small amount of time available, my efforts were focused on a connector trail about 1400 feet long. Just enough trail to keep me busy for two weeks in that terrain. I enjoyed working with the IMBA crew and was proud of the funky flow that was uncovered in the glacial deposits we were working in. I think this project is a great step forward for the trail industry: mixing conventional building knowledge with an old school single track attitude. This project is going to be rocky and natural, and I’m really glad I got to work on it.